In 2018 I hosted my first photography workshop for professional wedding photographers. Everyone who attended had a good sense of how to use their cameras, and most were already established in business. If they weren’t already shooting weddings, then they had assisted at a few. 

At the beginning, while establishing ourselves in the market, it’s hard not to get caught up in trying to shoot the popular way, with the trendy filters and the sexy poses and the arty lighting. But this style of photography doesn’t work for everyone.

In fact, there are a lot of things that won’t work for you. Finding success in your business and in life is all about figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t. 

The Purposeful Photographer: Adding purpose and intention to your business and life.

I’d really like to tell you everything we covered during the workshop, but I don’t want this to become a duplicate of the sales page.

The message that I feel is most important to share is this – we’re all different! All photographers are different and all brides are different. It’s therefore important that you figure out which business practices work for you, your lifestyle and your clientele.

Here’s a longer blog post on this topic if you feel you’d like to keep chatting around this topic: Before becoming a wedding photographer.

What you need to know before becoming a wedding photographer, is that the world has space for you.

I absolutely loved everything about the day. I loved the questions that were asked, I loved the conversations that started, I loved that we barely covered all the content I had planned because the group was so engaging. 

We created a Facebook group after the event so that we could all stay in touch, and almost daily someone is in there asking a question or sharing an idea. It’s truly something special and so encouraging. 

Thank you to all of you who attended. Special shout out to Enya and Jana who travelled from Pretoria.

I just hope that I was able to share something with you that will lead you closer to your version of happy and successful. 

Thank you Wilma for the photographs, Gail for the decor, Lucy for the use of your venue and delicious food, Tegan for your furniture, Amy for sharing on the topic of websites and consulting on the day and finally Colour Chrome for the generous voucher.

If you are a wedding photographer, or want to become one, please get in touch. I’d love to see how I could help you out. I offer mentor sessions, coaching, and workshops. Let’s chat and see what I can do for you.

From the moment we met, I felt that Derryn was invested in my growth. I just knew that she would have an impact on my life, I just couldn’t have known that it would be this great. Since the workshop and my one-on-one mentor session, I have been receiving more enquiries then ever, and I’ve doubled my bookings. I feel inspired, excited and clear about my future and the future of my business.
Enya Enya Photography
What I particularly loved about the Purposeful Photographer workshop, was the way in which Derryn showed us how important our time and skills are, and that in order to charge for our time, we need to see this value in ourselves.
Derryn is hilarious, helpful and serious all in one…she really is a great mentor.
Cara Spiro
Cara SpiroBudding photographer
Thank you Derryn! For trusting me, helping me and encouraging me! I honestly haven’t felt so excited about my career in a while and this year I’m so looking forward to it!
Courtney Clegg
Courtney CleggPhotographer