• Specialize
  • Engage
  • Be trustworthy

Sounds pretty simple right? Well it is! You can put in as much effort and time into these these strategies as you have.

As the old adage goes: What you put in is what you’ll get out.

If you can nail these 3 things in your business – you’re on your way to booking more clients in a natural way that doesn’t require you to adopt sleezey sales tactics.


With so much competition, it’s really not enough to just be another wedding photographer, or another online store or another coffee shop. Figure out what it is that makes YOU different to everyone else. Establish your unique selling point and then communicate THAT to your audience. What makes you stand out and why should people hire you/buy from you? These things that make you special can be communicated through your website, on social media, in email newsletters, and when people ask you about your business.


We are so lucky to have platforms like Facebook and Instagram from which to market our businesses. They are free, and almost everyone uses them. 

What most of us tend to do though, is spend our time consuming content on social media rather than use that time to engage with our audience.

The algorithms for these platforms work in a way that content which is seen to be engaging (i.e. keeps people on the platform for longer) are seen as favorable and therefor promoted. These posts will show up in your Newsfeed and get priority over less engaging posts. 

Gone are the days where we can post a photo and know that most people in our Newsfeed will see it. Now hardly anyone will, unless there is interaction on the post – So, we need to create engaging content!

Start conversations, ask questions, solve problems – get to know your audience. 

rather than consume it, use it!

Besides showing up online, where can you show up IN PERSON? Are there networking get-togethers in your area? Are there other people doing the same thing as you that you can reach out to for coffee? We undervalue the power of connection, and with the rise in social media activity we have forgotten what’s to gain from real life interactions.


In my Purposeful Photographer workshop, I spent over an hour on the topic of building trust. I really believe that (along with self confidence) trust is the key contributor to booking more clients. 

Trust = empathy + information + authenticity

Emapthy: Show your clients that you care for them. Think about steps you can take, or changes you can make in your business to make working with you easier for the client.

Information: Where possible, answer their questions before they have to ask them. You can do this through the use of an FAQ sheet on your website.

Authenticity: Be yourself. Don’t try to emulate another person or business that you have seen become successful. I can guarantee that they didn’t get to where they are today by copying someone else.